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QR Buzz is a must have tool for every restaurant that wants to create, manage, and track QR Codes and short links. Keep reading to see what can be done with just a single scan!

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QR Buzz

Infinite possibilities.

QR Codes

Your all-in-one QR Code marketing platfrom. Easy to use, dynamic, trackable and customizable QR Codes for your restaurant uses. POINT. SCAN. CONNECT.

Powerful Dashboard

With our easy to use dashboard, you can manage all of your qr codes and short links. Plus, analyze statistics to optimize your strategy to increase customer engagement.

Short Links

A short link is a powerful marketing tool! Our built-in URL Shortener helps you grow your brand by allowing you to share, track and analyze traffic and data.

Use QR Codes to...

Build your eClub

By placing an eClub QR Code on your restaurant’s table tents or comment cards, your customers can easily sign up to receive your latest specials, coupons and events. Grow that eClub!!

  • Link to Signup Form
  • Powerful Statistics
  • Easily Grow your eClub
Build your eClub
Improve your Service

A satisfied customer will keep coming back. That is why customer feedback is so important. It allows you to find the areas that need improvement and quickly fix problems. Pointing a QR Code to a digital comment card makes this process a breeze. Simply print the QR Code on your receipt, postcards, or even table tents.

Powerful tools that work
Powerful tools that work
Offer Digital Menus

QR Codes are easy to use, dynamic, trackable and customizable for all your restaurant menu uses. Plus, you can easily change the menus QR Code link without reprinting when you’re adding or removing options from your menu, or if a rebranding takes place.

  • Easily Change or Rotate Menus
  • Reduce Expenses
  • No need for Reprinting
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Powerful tools that work

Go visual and show off your best dishes

Your menu could offer the most delicious-sounding food but they say pictures are worth a thousand words! Adding images may clutter a stylish menu, which is why using a qr code pointing to an image gallery is the perfect solution. Easily display images of your mouth-watering images in one QR Code.

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Powerful features

Custom QR Codes

Create custom QR Codes by using your brand colors, add company logo, get scan statistics, and even edit the link after print.

Premium URL Shortener

Tons of amazing features such as traffic and data analysis, link expiration, password protection and much more.

Team Management

Invite your team members and assign them specific privileges to manage links, monitor stats and other features.